Psychics Reading Sculpture

My practice involves working with people who operate inside and outside of the art world to question its value-systems and the problems associated with artistic production and authorship. Investigating roles of creativity and agency, I often work within a feminized space of making. Process based, I employ a variety of media to play with absurdity, notions of liminality, and the space of the imagination.

Psychics Reading Sculpture is a collaborative project with two renowned San Francisco psychics. A group of women artists participated in a sculptural art-making process. Instructed to draw, cut, or write on a piece of paper, the idea was to transfer some essence of the artist/creator into the piece. The paper was dipped in porcelain slip, crumpled or folded, and then kiln-fired. The remains, an ephemeral record of the gesture, are then psychically read. The results offer a compelling play on notions of intuition, the critique of art, and the presence and absence of objects.